BORIS for Autodesk Inventor

Register & Certify authorship and ownership of a new CAD design, Track versions, Securely Transfer ownership and Control risks of infringement and misuse

Which Problems does BORIS Solve?

Sharing CAD data is risky to your IP and to your business. Starting with registration of authorship, BORIS accompanies your creation through its design phase, providing safety, security, and peace of mind.
Protecting sensitive data like CAD files is a challenge
CAD files are shared with employees, external collaborators and commercial partners; they can be reverse-engineered or leaked accidentally. It's challenging to continually track who has access to your CAD file.

Equally challenging for CAD file creators is control of their intellectual assets, and proving authorship and ownership once the file leaves the environment it was created in.
Risky exposure of IP and precious assets increases in the shared economy
In manufacturing, 94% of all cyber-attacks are from industrial espionage and cyber-theft of trade secrets. Security protocols are costly and never 100% secure.
Traditional IP Law Protection is often regional, expensive, time consuming and can be ineffective
Traditional IP law practice can be far behind the reality of today’s digital market; in many cases, it does not provide adequate protection against misuse and misappropriation of CAD data.

While legal instruments for IP protection are adapted or introduced, technology-driven innovation and authorship continues to outpace these..
Legal agreements can be breached and they can easily be inadequate to cover all parties
Traditional legal contracts, such as non-disclosure and licensing agreements, give a false sense of trust and complicate the negotiation process.

They do not provide active protection against violations either. And it’s not easy to monitor what third parties do with your data. The traditional legal system has practical challenges and limitations, as the burden of proof lies with the infringed party.
Tricks and techniques to protect digital files are weak and lead to mistakes
Trying to protect CAD files by changing the file format, converting to pdf, or sending only one part of a file, results in partial loss of data and geometry alienation. This leads to mistakes and lost time.
Storing sensitive data in a Digital Vault does not ensure full protection
In every company, sensitive documentation is stored in digital vaults such as OneDrive, Box, File Servers, SharePoint, Office 365, etc; however, even with access controls, once downloaded, files leave this protected environment and become vulnerable.

More about our Solution

Hello, I’m BORIS!

I provide creators and innovators with a fast and effective way to assure and secure Intellectual Property rights for their designs.

This is extremely important because BORIS ensures “first in time” registration for any intellectual asset, which automatically ensures “first in right” to IP.
CADChain addresses the problems with sharing CAD data by providing certified proof of ownership and creatorship of CAD files, registered directly on the blockchain, right from within Autodesk Inventor software. This solution is called BORIS and he is the first of many more solutions to come.


BORIS is a plugin for Autodesk Inventor. It creates a digital twin of the CAD files and stores data related to these files on the blockchain.

A digital fingerprint of the original files unites the CAD object ID and the owner/creator ID, which serves as timeless and immutable proof of creation and ownership.

The identity of every BORIS account is verified, ensuring certified representation and because BORIS works its magic within Autodesk Inventor, then authorship is also certified. This is extremely important because BORIS ensures “first in time” registration for any intellectual asset, which automatically ensures “first in right” to IP.


A Verifiable Certificate of ownership
for each 3D model
How can it be verified?

A Verifiable Blockchain Certificate is a shareable certificate, like a web link or downloadable PDF.

A web certificate is derived from the actual data on the Blockchain and is a verified proof of your ownership by hashes and proof of transactions

The shareable PDF certificate is a file that represents the same data and contains an additional functionality for verification to prevent tampering with printed or shared PDF Certificates.

It's impossible to forge a CADChain certificate. It's available in two formats:

  1. A public version, containing general information and a screenshot (if the user enables this option), but hiding any sensitive information.
  2. A private "owner" version, which can also be shared with approved third-parties such as collaborating contractors or clients. This version includes all important data.


Prove that you are the creator, owner, or authorized rights holder of a CAD file
BORIS allows businesses/creators to register CAD data ownership. Even 10 years from original creation, your proof of ownership will be valid
Transfer assets to a new owner
BORIS enables the transfer of ownership upon payment, due diligence checks, and signed contracts. Transfers can be authorized only via verified identities.
Manage the creative process by Tracking ownership of CAD files
Tracking changes in ownership is important in order to assign design liability at any given point in time. Work with freelancers while keeping rights to original creatorship and benefit from immediate and proven ownership tracking for your company, all stored on and verifiable through the blockchain.
Identify company assets
If the creator and the owner of a 3D model are different parties, BORIS uniquely identifies each. For example, a company owner has a team of engineers developing computer-aided designs according to a client’s order. In this case, the company’s engineer is the creator, but according to the employment contract, the design belongs to the company. BORIS keeps a record of such information wherever the file goes.
Control and track the file versions
BORIS comes with automatic version tracking to improve engineer to engineer and company to company communication and workflow. For example, verify every file modification and ensure that previous versions can be recuperated and liability can be assigned to each modification. Track file metrics such as time between saves and time spent on a specific asset.



CADChain is a legal tech startup established in 2018 in the Netherlands and developing innovative blockchain solutions to help organizations protect, monetize, and manage their IP globally.

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Core Team
Violetta Shishkina
CEO and Co-founder

Violetta is responsible for continuous strategy building, navigation of projects, and the establishment of connections at various levels. Violetta has expertise in Linguistics, Education, Management, Blockchain, Finance, Business Modeling, the CAD sector, and many more.
Dirk-Jan Bonenkamp
CLO and Co-founder

Dirk-Jan is responsible for the legal framework that CADChain solution needs. Apart from being a CLO, Dirk-Jan also acts as our Data Protection Officer
Timo Wolthof

Timo has a background in IT and Design. Being a COO of CADChain, he supervises the development of core software, overviews operations, and leads a team of external and internal developers across multiple projects.
Evgeny Malyshev

Evgeny is a CAD developer with experience in Mechanical Engineering and IT. He was instrumental in the feasibility study helping us bring CAD and the blockchain together.
Claudio Cocorocchia
Senior Advisor

Claudio brings close to two decades of digital business model strategy and go-to-market experience, more recently responsible for the World Intellectual Property Organization’s new digital services strategy, including the launch of WIPO’s first IP services in almost 20 years.
Alexandra Radova
Digital Marketing

Alexandra is responsible for our marketing strategy and communication. Her everyday goal is to increase technology awareness among potential customers and grow our followers’ community.
Maria Vysotenko
System analyst

Maria specializes in analysis, process automation, design and implementation of information systems. She helps CADChain succeed in the creation of user experience schematics for our projects. Maria holds a bachelor’s degree in philology and speaks three languages.
Racha Khalil
Legal assistant

Racha is responsible for helping with legal issues, doing research and analytics. Her core professional interest in working in CADChain is in its international character with preventive law which, in her opinion, offers a refreshing view into the world of law.
Andrey Korobeynikov
Back-end developer

Andrey has 5 years of experience in software development with a strong interest in the blockchain.
Anastasia Bolshakova
PA & Community Manager

Based in Kaliningrad, Anastasia is part of our Russian multicultural CADChain team. She has a bachelor's in linguistics and very enthusiastic. She is responsible for being the community creator and CEO`s personal assistant. Anastasia speaks 3 languages and passionate about IT, Data Analysis, AI, and machine learning. She loves writing, reading, researching and traveling.


50% female team
A female CEO and co-founder and 50% female team who are professionals in STEM
Sustainable blockchain
We use sustainable blockchain protocol unlike Bitcoin and the like (read more...)
GDPR compliance
The blockchain has proven to be suitable for tracking data assets; we go a step further by building GDPR compliance right into our solutions
Non-profit project
CADChain has already launched a social impact initiative Fe/male Switch, a non-profit programme supporting females in STEM
"A great innovation, and about time! Protect your valuable IPR, check CADChain and this amazing team out!"
Mark Rayner, Senior Innovation and Growth specialist, UK
"IP theft has been a problem for so many years. I believe these folks are on the right path to fix it for the CAD industry. Keep your eyes on them!"
Cameron Allard, PDM Administrator/IT Applications, US
Save the creative world, CADChain! Please make it available for the mainstream. There are many engineers,architects, artists, that are not able to pay expensive licenses.
Luca Sabbatini, Sales engineer 4.0, Manager MakerPoint Utrecht, NL
"Very excited to see how CADChain grows as digital rights management (DRM) is an area of high priority as design and manufacturing functions depend more and more on sharing digital data with multiple stakeholders"
Design engineer, Anonymous follower of CADChain
“Global collaboration, driven by digital technology, is becoming a major differentiator for our manufacturing customers. Managing the associated risk is key to making global collaboration work. CADChain has found a way to mitigate that risk by using the blockchain technology and is discovering new business models in the process.”
Paul Smeets, CTO of Cadac Group
"For sure your solution fits the industry needs! Your tool should be useful to me in the future I hope. I'll follow you in order to keep updated! I'll be waiting for the next developments for sure."
Júlio Sá, Industrial Engineer - 3D Printing, Product Design, NL
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